I own a modernized version of Ratonhnhak√©:ton’s coat, and whenever I walk around town with it I speak with Connor or Ezio’s voice. MLIB

Kept asking Omegle “Where is Charles Lee?”¬†

Apparently, nobody knows.


To demonstrate “abschneiden”, to cut off or amputate, my German teacher pretended to cut off his left ring finger. Pretty sure he’s an undercover Assassin. MLIB

I’m walking my dog. Suddenly it starts to rain. I put my hood on and immediately begin to walk like Altair.


After playing AC II and Brotherhood, I decided to learn Italian. Now I am the only one who speaks them in the house, and they can never say whether I swear or greet politely. Mia vita è bene.

Went to Florence with my family a few years back. I remember telling my parents that i only fell off the bell tower 16 times before getting all the treasure inside.


Saw this day after watching the Assassin’s Creed III Announcement Trailer.


Today in my New World Piracy class, my professor asked, “Does anyone know what happened in the year 1453?”

I answered, “The Fall of Constantinople and the rise of the Ottoman Empire.”

"And where is Constantinople?"

"Present-day Istanbul in Turkey."

Received an A for the day.


My Teacher Is Bene